How To Write An Engaging Press Release

How To Write An Engaging Press Release


What You Call A Good Press Release?

Writing a good press release is more of a skill that some rocket science.  The  reading habit of online users has changed over years. The people searching for your businesses products and services have lots of services. Internet is flooded with huge informative content as well as useless junk contents. People now generally perform quick search and find relevant information as fast as they can. They scan the documents quickly and if they cannot find any relevant information, they generally switch to another document.

Writing a great Press Release:

So, you want to write a great press release.  Just to the point, your press release has to be stunning to create an impact. Every press release has some basic components like:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Dateline and Location
  • Body
  • Announcement or direct statement
  • Contact Information

It is important that you write texts very carefully in the above points. It is most important that you start your press release very strong. Lets  talk abut each component individually.

Headline: Headline statement is the core of the press release. A great headline starts strong and makes users curious to read more about the release. It should provide information and should not smell advertisement or promotion. There should not be any spelling mistakes in headline and it is advised to capitalize first character of  every word and try to keep it less than 100 characters. It is seriously advised that you include company name in the headline.

Summary: The summary paragraph is just a synopsis of the  information contained in the press release. The summary paragraph typically follows the headline and gives you the opportunity to provide a brief description of your business and the information you are sharing. Effectiveness of press release can be increased with summary paragraph as most distribution channels generally show the headline and summary of the press release and than link to the press release.

Dateline & Location: Generally,  all your press should start with location, date and killer statement. To be precise, all the press release should be in formats like this or similar format like City, State (GOTOMYMEMBERS) Day, Month, Year—the most  important information you want to announce.

Body: This is the main part of the press release. Ensure that your press release does not sound advertisement and it should be informative, concise and to the point. press release should not contain any html tags, style tags etc . Special attention should be  given to grammatical and spelling mistakes in the paragraph. Press release written as third person is always advised. The optimal press release body part should be in the range of around 400-800 words.

Teaser: As already clear from the heading, it is generally some special announcement made during the press release or any sort of important direct statement made to the audience. It should not be more than 2-3 lines.

Contact Information: This section generally contains the contact information about the press release where the media and everyone else who is interested can reach you. It is important that you include your company name, telephone number,  Website and an email address, if possible.

Happy Pressing .. :)

Find out how to write a perfect press release.

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