What is the Use Of Press Releases For SEO

What is the Use Of Press Releases For SEO


Press releases are one of the common and usually most effective tools for online publicity of any product or service, event, awards, personal or organization achievement or accomplishment etc., that are newsworthy. ‘Press Releases’ have gained popularity as digital marketing has been increasingly used by organizations and individuals etc., to make announcements to media. Press releases are typically crafted and written by public relations team of the organizations to cover anything i.e any event, launch of new product or service, receiving of award etc., to report it as news for the society or to the nations or to the world depending upon the targeted audience of the news.

Press releases are vital towards achieving the goal of online promotion through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Press release spread news to the readers or the targeted audience and thus help in increasing the visibility of the company and increasing its reach to maximum number of netizens.

A press release that is optimized in several ways may help you achieve greater visibility in search engines by submitting press release optimized for SEO to enhance your online presence. Below are listed the advantages that a press release can create for the Search Engine Optimization efforts of the issuer of the press release:

  • If you create a press release that is keyword heavy, and you correctly placed the keywords into the title tag of the press release, and sculpt a keyword heavy link, and write keyword heavy content, and pay one of the better syndication services, you can get many, many wonderful links from press releases.
  • Quality press release often succeed in getting ‘follow’ links from good Press Release posting websites which is very effective for the ranking of the author’s  website or web pages.
  • Press release written perfectly and correctly can show up directly in Search engine pages. A search on your strategically placed targeted keyword in the press release is more likely to show up your pages among the top search results in search engines.
  • SEO- enhanced press releases help reverse negative search engine results and protect your brand by promoting a positive image of your company.
  • SEO enhanced press releases that are indexed and maintained by third party websites such as PR submission websites will continuously keep on delivering link value over time.
  • When search engine results show your press release on leading news sites, it lends instant credibility to your business.

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