What is a press release and Type of press releases

What is a press release?


A press release is an official information or piece of a news story that is specially prepared and issued to newspapers and other news media for them to make known to the public. The usual objective of a press release is to create awareness among the people. The press release can be in written, recorded in audio or video format depending on the medium of the news providers.

PRs are considered as a major source of news information all over the world and are most commonly used public relations tool nowadays. A Press Release from an individual, organization or group etc., can be a small business press release informing the masses about the developments, events, accomplishments or announcement of some new product or service. It can also be used to help change public opinion or to build awareness.

Getting a press release published and presented before the readers has evolved and become easier because of the numerous Press Release publishing websites available over the internet. Such websites hold a repository of press releases and eventually make a company’s news more prominent on the web and searchable via major search engines. Press release websites have made news distribution easier and affordable for small businesses.

Types of Press Release:

A press release is considered both as a public relations and publicity tool. A press release can fall under one of six categories, however, and each type of press release have its own format and is different from the other, and have vast differences in how a message should be conveyed to media people.

There are basically six types of Press Releases as described below.

  1. General News Release: These are generally about the news that must be distributed to the media people. The main purpose of this type of press release is to generate interest, coverage and exposure for the company that distributed the press release. For instance, if a company holds a contest or has some news to share it would create a general news release.
  2. Launch Press Release: A launch press release is similar to a general news release in terms of format, but its intent is much more specific. A launch press releases is more urgent or timely, and its main purpose is to create a buzz regarding a launch — whether it’s about launching a company, organization, website or some sort of product.
  3. Product Press Release: This type of press release contains the product specifications with a focus on publishing the news about launching of a new product or service, or if a new or upgraded version is released.
  4. Executive or Staff Announcement News Release: If there are staff changes in the company especially, if these changes involve high management authorities, Executive press release are created. This type of press release is different from a general news release in the sense that it can contain biographical information to support the information. An executive or staff announcement news release also often include photo or photos of new staff or executives.
  5. Expert Positioning Press Release: This type of press release focuses on a company report and include statistics or results. It can also include news from another organization and other supporting information. One would create and distribute an expert positioning press release if he/she want to show an individual’s expertise in a subject area with the goal of building him or her up as the person media people would go to in the future.
  6. Event Press Release: An event press release describes the 5Ws — who, what, when, where and why. An event press release basically looks like a list or outline instead of having paragraphs. An event press release is created with the hope that the media will make the event known to the public.

Type of Press release website-

There are a large number of Press Release distribution sites that publish and distribute press releases. These sites can be broadly classified as – free and paid sites. While the free PR sites allow submitting of releases free of cost, paid news release distribution sites charge a certain fee for submitting news to the website.

Let’s see how Free and Paid Release sites are different:

  • You can submit free press releases free of cost but, these sites offer less search engine friendly elements as compared to paid distribution sites.
  • Most paid press release websites have their news networks, websites, journalists and other news portal and connections who would further process the press release for better chance of getting published.
  • A free press release cannot provide links for readers, does not show live social media streams, allowing readers a direct connection between readers and your social media channels. Free Press release also does not allow images, videos or other file uploads to give readers a rich visual experience.
  • Free press releases are published on Online PR media only, while some paid press release distribution sites get it published on other news outlets also making the distribution wider.

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