Importance of a Press Release

Importance of a Press Release


A press release is a written statement to the media for announcing a range of news items including events, personal promotions, awards, new products and services etc.

 Evolution of press release:        

The first printed press release was released on Oct. 30, 1906 in the New York Times. It reported a tragic train accident. Ivy Lee, a public relation expert working on the Pennsylvania Railroad prepared a public statement about that accident and presented it to the journalists.

Press Releases started with publishing news about events and other happenings through print media but with the advancement of time and technology, it has evolved from regular print version to online press release. It has come a long way and nowadays press releases are one of the channel that is widely followed for online promotion for businesses and individuals etc.

Why a Press Release is Important:

Press releases are relatively inexpensive way to seek attention of the target audience. Since businesses have started realizing the promotion value a press release can provide them, press releases have become one of the foremost and important tools for internet marketing. Some of the reasons why press releases have become important tools for businesses are:-

  •  Announcing a new product or service- press release is the tool for getting the news about a new product or service out to the world over social networks and other media channels using a quality press release distribution service.
  • Improving brand image- Publishing quality press releases regularly that are crisp and relevant will surely help improving your brand image.
  • Instant world-wide distribution- Good online press release distribution networks have global reach and wide range of media channel partners. Using the services of a good distribution site will flash your press release round the world in less than a day.
  • Portability and convenience- since press releases are online, it allows the readers to read the press release from anywhere and anytime using even their handhelds and smartphones.

Example of a press release:

Charles Henderson Named Director of Communications for Madaket Growth

Appointment of Director of Communications for Madaket, LLC, a holding company.


ST. LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 17, 2014 — Charles B. Henderson has been named Director of Communications for Madaket Growth, LLC, a privately held holding company of high-margin, service-based businesses in consulting, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, insurance and communications.

Henderson’s experience spans more than three decades of work in employee communications, marketing communications, media relations, social media and crisis communications for a wide variety of organizations, including two Fortune 100 companies, a real estate development firm, a trade association, a national faith-based charity, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He has also served as an adjunct professor in crisis communications for Washington University in St. Louis. A native of Louisiana, Henderson has a bachelor of arts in public relations from the University of Southern California.

“Charles brings serious capability and capacity to all our companies and clients,” said Madaket Growth Chairman Christopher D. Desloge. “His extensive track record in communications and his compassion for others will enhance our professional and personal missions, and we’re fortunate to have him as part of our family of companies and colleagues. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Madaket Growth, LLC, is a privately owned holding company engaged in founding, acquiring and building high-quality companies. The current family of Madaket companies includes:

  • Cutwater Shift, a firm that implements mergers and acquisitions only when the merged entity can be recreated as a stronger company with a clear and unified vision in a healthy culture. Cutwater Shift adheres to a “Giving Legacy Plan,” by which the firm gives back a minimum of 3 percent of profits to the communities in which it operates.
  • Profit Growth International (PGI), which provides specialized business intelligence and aggressive business improvement strategies for companies, while delivering long-term performance improvement in sales, operations and human resources. PGI has partnered with Maritz International, the world’s largest performance incentive company, which has developed rewards and incentive programs for Fortune 500 clients in the automotive, financial services, technology, telecommunications, hospitality, retail and healthcare industries.
  • Buyers Agency USA™, which serves home buyers exclusively, delivering professional residential real estate buying services as well as comprehensive home design evaluation, insurance protection for their escrow funds, and move management services.
  • Tenant Rep Agency, a commercial real estate brokerage exclusively for office tenants.


For more information:

Christopher D. Desloge

Email: cdd

Phone: 314-526-5590314-526-5590


Above is an example of a good press release with a catchy heading which will surely gain the attention of the target audience. The heading is providing the relevant information which contains the keywords people are likely to search and the body of the above contains all the news story that will provide people with the correct and sufficient piece of information.

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