Video Press Release – what they are, what are the benefits?

Video Press Release – what they are, what are the benefits?


A video news release is generally created by a PR firm, advertising or marketing agency etc. They are provided to television newsrooms to shape public opinion, promote commercial products and services, publicize individuals, or support other interests.

Most VNRs (Video News Releases) feature a professional news reporters, someone with on-air news experience or an actor. A VNR is usually aired during the news time as it gives an impression of being a part of news which is researched by the news channel. Companies that share the news through VNRs can benefit a lot from them easily. The video news release would be broadcasted as a news to the audience and thus it would be perceived and presented more as a news and less like an advertisement. Comments and opinions from experts and common people that show the positive effects of the product increase the credibility.

While creating a video press release the company or the agency should make sure that the product can be named two or three times in the video release and should justify the use of the product in the release. A major reason for news channels to use the video news release in the news broadcast is that it is cheaper than conducting their own research and then airing the piece. The length of an average VNR is one to two minutes. It needs to be informative and look like part of the news.

What should be included in the Video News Release?

  • Interviews with the people involved who would describe the story.
  • Plenty of video sequences that would show the key points and key features of the story.
  • Explain, show clearly the who, where, what, why, when and how in the story.

 Benefits gained from Video New Releases

  • A VNR will give visual and audio guide to your story better than a written description.
  • Video release will show the story to media journalists instead of letting them imaging about it after reading the written story.
  • A video release will create audience’s perception of your company’s credibility and expertise.
  • A TV or online news broadcast of your video release can provide marketing benefits beyond expectation as compared to the written document.
  • Videos are easily read and liked by people as compared to the texts. Hence, news can be shared to maximum number of people.
  • Video press releases are more efficient than press releases as people can easily get the information in very short period of time whereas; they had to spend more time in reading the content.

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