Walid El Houri’s Sensational New Book Released!

Walid El Houri’s Sensational New Book Released!

“Chain Bound” as Incredible Love Story From the Author’s Own Experience Hits Book Stores and the Net!

March 25, 2014-

Love is an eternal feeling that catches human hearts unawares anytime anywhere. This is something that can never be explained fully, but only experienced by individuals. Yet true love stories written by expert authors have won the hearts of readers all over the world, timelessly. More than a fiction, created with induced circumstances by the brain of the author, real-life love experiences when revealed by popular persons sways the readers greatly.  The announcement made today by chainboundbook.com brings scintillating news to book lovers, both in print and the media, about the formidable opportunity of entertainment forthcoming by the release of their latest book “Chain Bound” written by Walid el Houri.

The announcement is with the intention of making public, for the amusement of readers all over the world that they can buy the book “Chain Bound” in all the book stores worth the name, including those richly popular outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay and Google Books. In addition, the announcement takes pride in announcing that readers can have access to “Chain Bound” most comfortably in their Mobile Phones, for reading the same through Destio, Kindle, Nook and iPad device and other computing devices.

There are many books released so far over the decades, by many authors of fame on the subject of love. Each has a specialty in it, if an unbiased analysis is undertaken over the run-away sales of some love-stories. Ultimately what makes the sales booming all over is the magic that the reader gets fascinated by the book, and glued to the pages forgetting all other things, to finish reading it at one stretch.
In this genre of revealing a love-story from the heart of an exponent author, who can spin words into a dragnet so to catch not only the eyes of the reader, but the insight of the reader as well, more credence is attached for honesty. The author by the expertise talent of experience can evolve scenarios and circumstances of fiction, to present a love story in a most entertaining way.

But such a trick can never beat an “honest revelation” or rather a “confession” from a person, who has undergone the spirituality of love-life, especially after years of pursuit of “true-love” from the opposite sex and not getting it. Author Walid el Houri openly confesses in the introduction of “Chain Bound” that he made futile pursuits of such heart-rending love, through his three failed marriages and romances with top stars, models and even some princes as an “international playboy”.

After such mind-boggling disappointments until his sixties, Houri narrates the love-story with his girl, irrespective of the age difference of an old man of 76 going steady with a 27 year old lady as his wife, in this credible truly experienced love-story, which opens up before the eyes of the reader, in grandeur style and passion. This is the top-notch attraction of “Chain Bound” which already got all-around appreciation from readers like the one –
“This book will take its readers to an incredible journey of love and relationships. It allows readers a glimpse of those rare moments of life. The story re-enforces the age-old belief that love cannot be constrained or confined. It once again proved the fact that true love doesn’t have any boundaries. – Linda M”

Through the announcement released today, Chainboundbook.com invites all book lovers across the world, to visit  http://chainboundbook.com/  to get all details such as Book info; Available Book Stores; Sneak Peak; Book Review; and About Author etc. together with detailed specifications of “Chain Bound” in print media and net-world.

About chain bound

Every so often, a book comes along, which challenges everything we think we know about love and relationships; a book that takes us on an incredible journey and allows us to glimpse those rare moments in life when love truly.


Walid el Houri

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